Girard City Council – Dec. 23

By: Aaron Pyle

The Girard City Council discussed several  topics at their meeting Monday, December 23, including a sidewalk project, office closings, and licenses.

Monday’s meeting was called to order as all council members were present.

To start the meeting the council passed consent agenda ‘A, B, C, D, and E.’ Consent ‘A’ included; approval of appropriations ordinance 2019-26, approval of purchases over $10,000, Exline Inc (power plant touchscreen for engines), KMEA GRDA (wholesale electricity – contractual) and KMEA EMP3 (wholesale electricity – market). Consent ‘B’ included; approval of appropriations ordinance 2019-26 (A), approval of purchases over $10,000, Axon (body cams and tasers) and Midwest Engineering (west water tower pump). For Consent ‘C,’ the plan included approval of minutes for the December 9th meeting. Consent ‘D,’ was to remove Jimmy Lowman as volunteer firefighter effective Dec. 1, 2019. Last on the consent agenda, ‘E,’ was to approve a $0.25 merit increase effective 12-19-2019 and $75.82 (due to university delay in issuing certificates) for Heather Ryan for completion of year two of Municipal Clerks Certification Institute.

There was no public forum, so the council decided to move onto the regular business.

First, on the regular business, the council discussed approving sending RFQ’s for construction inspection for the TA sidewalks project to be due to City Clerk by Jan. 31 at 4 p.m. The council first had questions regarding the location of the sidewalk but after discussion, the council approved the first item of regular business.

Following, the council approved to correct Ordinance 1339 to 1340 which included moving the council meeting times officially from 5:30 to 5 p.m.

After approving the correction, the council decided to approve a motion to close the city offices for Dec. 24 due to several employees taking leave.

Council then motioned to approve the CMB licenses for both Medinas [on premise only] and G&W [open container] for the 2020 year.

To complete the regular business, the council went into two ten-minute executive sessions and came to a motion promoting Jody Buckle to Cemetery Sexton effective immediately and terminating Paula Holt effective immediately.

Closing the meeting, council members thanked and honored council member Michael West as the meeting on Dec. 23 marked the final one for West. Taking his place on Ward One will be Jeffery Leslie who will begin his tenure on council starting Jan. 6, 2020.

Mayor Mickey Pyle concluded the council meeting by wishing all employees and citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Jan. 6, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.