There is a phone scam out there that we know has at least one case filed in Crawford County. This is a tax scam, and the phone call is initiated by a voice-mail with a robotic (female) voice claiming that the IRS has been trying to reach you and to call a certain number to obtain more information regarding your case. It is an out of area number and the voice-mail says that “this is a final notice from the IRS – Internal Revenue Services (note the plural form), the reason they’re calling is to inform you that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you and to please call a certain number to get more information on this case file”.

When you call the number provided there is a foreign person on the other end of the line, reiterating that a lawsuit has been filed against you and you “have been audited for 5 years from 2008-2013 and owe the IRS money due to some ‘miscalculations’ from said years”. This person will give you a case number and will go as far as telling you his fake “badge ID number”. They will then tell you to verify this with the Attorney General – of which he will give you a fake number to call, which is linked back to their scam line.

This is a scam, again there is at least one case of this where these individuals have called a local (620) area code number here in Crawford County. Remember, the real IRS generates most of their communication by mail and generally will not call you.

Do not give these people any information especially financial, social security, or exchanging of any money.

Contact the real Kansas Attorney General if this happens to you and you wish to file a report, or look into it more –