KDOT announces approved November bids

The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in Kansas. The letting took place Nov. 13, 2019, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

District Four — Southeast

Chautauqua ‑ 99‑10 KA‑5411‑02 ‑ K‑99, beginning 2,000 feet south of the K‑99/ Quivira Road intersection north 3,100 feet and from the north city limits of Sedan north to the Chautauqua/Elk county line, shoulders, 12.0 miles, B & B Bridge Company LLC, St. Paul, Kan., $157,993.48.

Elk ‑ 99‑25 KA‑5390‑01 ‑ K‑99, from the east U.S. 160/K‑99 junction north to the Elk/Greenwood county line, milling and overlay, 16.4 miles, Cornejo & Sons LLC, Wichita, Kan., $1,767,766.95.

Greenwood ‑ 99‑37 KA‑5391‑01 ‑ K‑99, from the Elk/Greenwood county line north to the west U.S. 400/K‑99 junction, milling and overlay, 2.1 miles, Cornejo & Sons LLC, Wichita, Kan., $225,852.46.

Montgomery ‑ 75‑63 KA‑2379‑01 – U.S. 75, from the Kansas/Oklahoma state line, north to the south city limits of Caney, grading and surfacing, 0.7 mile, Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. and Subsidiaries, Columbia, Mo., $6,183,079.89.