Girard City Council holds special meeting

By: Aaron Pyle

         Monday, June 1, the Girard City Council held a special meeting to discuss the possibility of reopening operations within the city.

         All members of the council were present as Mayor Mickey Pyle called the meeting to order. Council member Bill Huston then gave the invocation as well as the pledge of allegiance.

         City Attorney Steve Angermeyer opened the discussion giving recommendations and updating the council on the current status of reopening the county. Angermeyer vocalized the importance of ‘protecting our employees.’ The City Attorney gave the council advice to follow current protocols to avoid a possible rise in COVID-19 cases.

         Public Works Director Steve Brooks spoke to the council with concerns about outside sources competing in tournaments at the golf course and bringing in a possible virus. Brooks gave the suggestions, if tournament league play resumes, to allow other golfers besides league play competitors to golf alongside. Another suggestion by Brooks was to have every golfer tee off on hole one until every person plays through.

         Angermeyer and council member Sheldon DeLange voiced their opinion to possibly make any City of Girard employee or golfer have their temperature taken before any kind of activity or operation as well as add sanitizing stations.

         City Administrator Johanna O’Brien confirmed with the council thermometers and proper sanitizing equipment has been ordered and will be shipped to the city soon.

         Angermeyer voiced his opinion to wait until the safety equipment arrives before any actions are taken towards reopening or loosening restrictions.

         Council members then discussed the deadline date of June 22 and measures in which to safety open back up before the deadline but at the same time be precautious to avoid any kind of legal action/lawsuit.

         Shortly following the discussion, Mayor Pyle brought up the issue of utility bills piling up since the start of the quarantine. The council voted to adopt a new payment plan at the discretion of the city clerk and city administrator. The plan will help communicate and reiterate the availability of charitable agencies to help with those in need of help paying utilities due to COVID-19. Council member Jeffrey Leslie requested the city clerk and administrator have a recommendation on what those guidelines are like by the next scheduled meeting, June 8

         The current operations of the golf course, as well as the park, city office, pool, and canceled public forum, are to remain as it has been and the council will table the topics, coming back to the issues at the next council meeting Monday, June 8. League play has not been confirmed by the council as well and there will be no shotgun start.

         Many members of the council vocalized for citizens to use ‘common sense’ when using the cities facilities.

         The Girard City Council adjourned the meeting as they will hold their regular bi-weekly meeting on June 8, at 5:00 p.m. The public may call 1-425-436-6382 and enter the access code 845240# to listen to the meeting.