BREAKING: After recount Johnson wins Commissioner Dist #3


UPDATE: After the recount Jeremy Johnson (DEM) has won the County Commissioner Dist #3 seat over Chad Ulepich (REP). Results are here: 



Published Nov. 8th, 2018¬† —-

From the Office of the Crawford County Clerk:

The Crawford County Elections office has released corrected unofficial results for the General Election held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Election day results from 5 of the 16 polling locations in Crawford County were added into the unofficial results twice. This was discovered during the routine audit of unofficial election results on a precinct by precinct basis. This human error resulted in the election day votes for the precincts in those 5 polling locations being doubled for the candidates receiving votes in those precincts.

After this error was discovered, a board consisting of Democrats and Republicans was assembled to assist the elections office in retabulating and verifying the unofficial results. During this process the unofficial results were recalculated using the data from the counts of the advance ballots by mail and in person as well as all of the original numbers from the polling places on election day. These recalculated results were then reviewed and verified by the counting board that had been assembled. The elections office has also been in close contact with the office of the Kansas Secretary of State.

We apologize for this human error and we have been working to correct this situation and deliver accurate unofficial results to the public and to the candidates as soon as possible. We want to remind everyone that the Unofficial Results that are posted on election night will change as we finish processing provisional ballots and advance ballots by mail.

The updated Unofficial Results are available on the Crawford County website at . Please contact the Crawford County Election Office at 620-724-6115 if you have any questions about these results.