Trojans move to 1-3 on the season after loss to Galena


The Girard Trojans football team faced another hard loss in their fourth game of the season last night against the Galena Bulldogs.

Girard came out strong in the first quarter, and showed promising activity on both sides of the ball.

To begin the first, the Trojans kicked off and stopped the Bulldogs on their 40-yard line.

After only three offensive plays by Galena, Matt Sabine intercepted a pass by the Bulldogs’ quarterback to bring offensive possession to the Trojans.

Now on offense, Girard opened with a 25-yard run by Camden McFarland to place them inside the Bulldogs’ 30-yard line.

A few short runs by McFarland and a pass from Kyler Siebert to Sabine, topped off with a 15-yard run by Siebert, put the Trojans in great scoring position with only five yards to go.

Unfortunately, the Trojans could not get past Galena’s defense and were forced to turn over the ball on nearly the 3-yard line.

Galena, now in possession of the ball, drove the ball all the way down to the Trojan’s 20-yard line.

Girard’s Carter Doherty lunges for a few extra yards after recovering a forced fumble on defense last night against the Galena Bulldogs. Doherty played a key role on the Trojans’ defense throughout the night. JOYCE KOVACIC

However, the Trojans’ defense forced the Bulldogs to fumble and Girard’s Carter Doherty scooped up the ball and ran for a few extra yards before being brought down.

After a few hard runs on offense, Girard tossed another interception to Galena and switched to defense on their own 41-yard line with less than 30 seconds left in the first.

Girard’s defense kept the Bulldogs from scoring to hold the score 0-0 at the end of the first.

The Trojans began to fall apart in the second quarter, giving up two straight touchdowns by Galena in only a few minutes.

On offense, Galena kept hammering the Trojans’ offensive line and prevented hardly any movement in the second.

A blocked Trojan punt that was recovered in the end zone by the Bulldogs brought the score to 20-0 with just less than six minutes left in the first half.

The Trojans received the Bulldogs’ kickoff but found no progression up the field before fumbling the ball.

The ball was recovered by Galena to place them inside the Trojans’ 10-yard line and they scored on one play to bring the score to 27-0.

On offense, Girard fought hard and saw a few solid scrambling runs by Siebert but was still unable to make it down the field.

With time expiring in the first half, Galena scored again to bring the score to 34-0.

Throughout the second half, Girard continued to struggle to find their way up the field on offense, despite seeing a few occasional good runs.

Girard allowed Galena to score again in the third quarter to bring the score to 41-0, but this would be the last touchdown the Trojans would allow.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Trojans made it on the scoreboard after Cruz Jarnagin intercepted a Bulldogs’ pass and the offense turned around to score with a 45-yard run by McFarland to bring the final score to 41-7.

Girard failed to score again in the fourth, but denied any more entrance by Galena into the end zone.

The hard loss last night for the Trojans moved them to 1-3 on the season.

Girard will spend this next week preparing for the upcoming match-up on the road against St. Mary’s Colgan on Friday, Sept. 29.

Colgan will be entering the game with a record of 2-2 after falling to Columbus 8-23 last night.