Trojans face Galena on the road

By Camden McFarland

The Girard Trojans’ girls and boys basketball teams overall records this season were pushed to 10-7 and 13-4, respectively, after matchups against the Galena Bulldogs Tuesday, Feb. 13.

During the girls’ game, Girard struggled again to come out at full speed, but gradually worked to increase their intensity as the game progressed.

After the first quarter, the Lady Trojans found themselves trailing 8-13, but this was undoubtedly a manageable deficit.

Girard stole the show during the second quarter with a 16-point run on offense and a lock down on defense. This sent the Bulldogs behind with a score of 24-17.

Following halftime, the Lady Trojans fought to maintain their newfound momentum but Galena was not ready to let them pull away.

After allowing Galena to score an additional 22 points in the third quarter, Girard was trailing once again with a score of 34-39.

Each teams’ defense stood strong as the game winded down. With less than 15 seconds left, Girard’s Sydnee Crain scored to put the Lady Trojans ahead by two, but luck was on Galena’s side as they scored a last second three-pointer to win by one point. This brought the final score of the game to 45-46.

Crain maintained her role as Girard’s key leader by scoring 21 solo points against the Bulldogs.

On the boys’ side, Girard’s consistency on both offense and defense allowed them to remain one step ahead of Galena throughout this matchup.

The Trojans immediately came out prepared for business and established a 14-10 lead in the first quarter as a result.

They continued to work even harder in the second quarter, finding themselves with an 11-point lead after scoring an additional 13 and allowing just six.

Galena finally began to wake up as the third quarter arrived and outscored the Trojans 15-9 in return.

Girard was not having it, though, so they stepped up their aggressiveness even further in the fourth quarter. The Trojans stole the victory after adding 22 to the scoreboard, bringing the final score to 58-49 after Galena scored 18.

Ethan Goff and Caleb Muia were the Trojans’ unstoppable duo on offense, scoring 16 points and 15 points, respectively.

The Trojans’ next matchups will be in tribute to Girard’s seniors involved in winter athletics this Friday, Feb. 16, against St. Mary’s Colgan.