St. Paul starts 2018 with victories over Southeast

By Camden McFarland

The St. Paul Indians’ girls and boys basketball teams started off the New Year by moving their records to 6-0 and 5-1, respectively, after earning back to back victories in their second matchup against Southeast Tuesday, Jan. 2.

On the girls’ side, St. Paul wasted no time establishing a lead by scoring 17 points in the first quarter, and only allowing Southeast to score two points.

St. Paul scored an additional 11 points in the second quarter, as Southeast scored seven more points and began waking up. At the half, the Indians led the game with a score of 29-9.

Southeast stepped up their performance in the third quarter, scoring 12 points and allowing eight, but St. Paul still maintained the lead.

In the fourth quarter, Southeast outscored the Indians again but St. Paul’s early 20-point lead in the first half kept Southeast just out of range.

The final score of the game came to 41-28, establishing St. Paul’s girls’ sixth straight victory.

Emily Winter led the Indians’ offense, scoring 15 points, while Katelin O’Brien was close behind with 11 points.

During the boys’ game, St. Paul had their work cut out for them throughout the whole game.

In the first quarter, St. Paul earned themselves 17 points, but the Lancers were close behind with 16.

The second quarter revealed much of the same aggressiveness from both teams, as St. Paul scored 11 points and Southeast scored 10. At the half, St. Paul led by two points with a score of 28-26.

St. Paul refused to give up their lead in the third quarter and stayed just ahead of Southeast, scoring 12 and allowing 10.

In the end, the Indians held strong and refused to give up their lead. As the fourth quarter came to an end, St. Paul secured the victory by scoring 16 additional points and allowing 15, bringing the final score to 56-51.

In his first game of the season due to injury, Braven Born led the Indians’ offense, scoring 14 points.

St. Paul’s next matchup will be on the road this Friday, Jan. 5, against the Galena Bulldogs.