St. Paul opens week against SCC

By Camden McFarland

The St. Paul Indians’ girls and boys basketball teams moved their records to 14-2 and 9-7, respectively, after hosting Southern Coffee County Monday, Feb. 12.

In the girls’ game, St. Paul had no issue keeping SCC under control.

During the first quarter, SCC managed to successfully break past the Lady Indians’ defense one time for two points. On the other side of things, St. Paul scored 26 points to quickly make their presence known.

The Lady Indians continued to score an additional 22 points in the second quarter, pushing SCC even further away after allowing only nine.

As the third quarter came around, St. Paul began to ease up on SCC but still outscored them 13-6.

With an obvious victory as the fourth quarter arrived, the Lady Indians wrapped up the game with a final score of 67-32.

St. Paul’s Taylor Wiatrak had a big game, scoring 21 solo points.

On the boys’ side, St. Paul fought hard but was unable to pull through in the end.

In the first quarter, the Indians stayed close behind SCC, scoring 11 and allowing 14.

St. Paul allowed SCC to outscore them 10-12 in the second quarter, but still remained close behind at halftime with a score of 21-26.

The Indians desperately needed a leap in intensity in the second half to surpass SCC, but could not reveal it unfortunately.

SCC continued to pull ahead in the third quarter by outscoring the Indians 16-13.

St. Paul made a strong final effort to pull ahead in the fourth quarter by scoring 16 points, but SCC topped this with 20 of their own points. This brought the final score to 62-50 in SCC’s favor.

Brenden Doherty led the Indians’ offense throughout the night, scoring 19 individual points.

St. Paul’s next matchups will be at home Tuesday, Feb. 13, against Oswego.