Lady Trojans win round one of sub-state

By Camden McFarland

Girard’s Lady Trojans faced the Prairie View Buffalos Thursday, March 1, in the first round of sub-state play at Frontenac.

As the number one seed, Girard was expected to show an impressive performance, so they fulfilled these expectations with solid consistency to tame the Buffalos.

Starting off, Prairie View kept pace with the Lady Trojans, but as the first quarter progressed Girard stepped up their intensity to catch a 20-4 lead.

The Lady Trojans’ reign continued through the second quarter, as they outscored the Buffalos 24-5. Sydnee Crain went off this quarter to earn 17 points of her own.

With a 44-9 lead heading into the third quarter, it was smooth-sailing for Girard through the second half as they began to introduce a few young athletes into the game.

The Lady Trojans’ Gabbi Sands fires a shot from the three-point line during Girard’s matchup against the Prairie View Buffalos Thursday, March 1. Sands finished the game with eight points. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOYCE KOVACIC

Prairie View continued to struggle offensively in the third quarter, but Girard had no issue enhancing their lead to 57-13.

Even the Lady Trojans’ young squad could not be stopped in the fourth quarter, as they outscored Prairie View 7-6.

Crain finished the game with a total of 29 points, while nearly every other player on Girard’s roster earned points.

With a final score of 64-19, Girard’s victory earned them a trip to the sub-state championship game against the Frontenac Raiders Saturday, March 3.

Regarding the victory, Coach Brad Herlocker said, “The girls are really locking in and playing good basketball at the right times. They are running out defensive game plans to perfection. We will have to play our best game Saturday as Frontenac has the home advantage.”