KS Crossing announces opening date, graduates dealers

By Donald LaForte

Kyle Huffine deals cards for blackjack to his classmates at a graduation ceremony at Labette Community College just outside of Pittsburg on Tuesday, March 14. DONALD LAFORTE

Several members of the Southeast Kansas area community have graduated from a dealer program that was held at Labette Community College on Tuesday, March 14.

The students graduated from an eight week program and will be employed at the new Kansas Crossing Casino. After their schooling, those students were put to the test with an audition from their instructors. Out of 400 applicants, only 60 remained to finish and receive a certificate.

At the graduation ceremony, those 60 graduates played casino games to help pass the time before their recognition. They had a blackjack table, a craps table and roulette.

The Kansas Crossing Casino’s soon to be dealers graduated from an eight week program at Labette Community College on Tuesday, March 14. DONALD LAFORTE

As the ceremony started, Alex Burggraf, table games manager, gave praise to those students who would now become certified dealers.

“You guys have done an excellent job,” said Burggraf. “One of the best classes I have ever seen.”

The graduates came up one-by-one to receive their honors and shake the hand of the casino and Labette staff.

“We’re going to knock it dead,” said Burggraf. “We’re going to see lots of things.”

Burggraf continued, mentioning how proud he was of the class and how the class will represent the casino in years to come. He said that it “means a lot,” because “they will be qualified to work at the Kansas Crossing Casino.”

“It’s a big step in their career as a lot of them would like to pursue this as a career,” said Burggraf.

Eighty percent of the casino’s table games department will be made up of these dealers according to Burggref. He said that the casino and staff are “happy to be at this point.”

“Southeastern Kansas has been great. We’ve drawn a lot of from a lot of small towns.”

Burggraf continued, saying how good it has been working with the area residents who have applied for this program.

“We have really good people here to draw from and we’re really impressed with this group,” said Burggraf. “It’s been a really good experience so far and we’re really excited to open the Kansas Crossing.”

The Kansas Crossing Casino announced that they will be opening the doors to the casino on Friday, March 31, at 10:30 a.m. They will be holding a grand opening event on Saturday, April 8, with a concert, prizes and other promotions.