Erie High School students will continue to hold town hall forum

Students will carry on in spite of the damage that occurred over the weekend

    Members of the Erie High School Student Council together with students in the 21st Century Leadership Class will still hold a town hall forum at their high school in order to give community members the opportunity to connect face to face with their representatives and candidates for office. The town hall will still happen in spite of the vandalism that occurred at Erie High School on April 21 at the hands of an EHS student.

    “What I do know is that tragedy tends to bring people together and, although we are a family, this will make us an even tighter family….better together.” said USD 101 Superintendent Steve Woolf.

    The town hall will still be held in the Erie High School Auditorium, Saturday, April 28th from 6 to 8 p.m. All members of the community are welcome and encouraged to attend the forum.   There will be signs and people present the evening of the event in order to direct guests to the proper door to use to enter the school and to the auditorium.

    Thus far, the students have received confirmations to attend from Kansas Senator Dan Goddard, Kansas Representative Adam Lusker, 2nd Kansas Congressional District candidates Kelly Standley, Vernon Fields, Nathan Schmidt, and candidate Ken Collins who is running for the second Kansas house district, which includes Erie.

    “It is important that we continue to have this event so together the EHS family can persevere and overcome what has happened.” said Student Council public relations committee chairman Matthew Inman.