Crawford County Fair 4-H results



After a long week of competition, Crawford County 4–Hers have finished up their Fair projects and earned their ribbons. The following are those 4–Hers who received Grand or Reserve Champion ribbons or who were named as an “Outstanding Entry” or “Judge’s Choice” in their category.

Note: The horse timed events portion of the competition were rescheduled for a later date due to rain.





Arts & Crafts

SGC: Makenzee Franklin; SRC: Isabella Crumpacker; IGC: Bree Murphy; IRC: Brianna Herlocker; JGC: Jade Peak; and JRC: Marlee Bradshaw. Most Outstanding Entries: Caylee Egbert, Caroline Jagels and Kord Kruczynski.

Fiber Arts – GC: Caylee Egbert; RC: Austin Smith. Most Outstanding Entry: Kendall Crager.

Banners – GC: Success Express 4–H Club; RC: Happy Hustlers 4–H Club.

Booths – GC: Farlington Best Yet 4–H Club; RC: Hepler Hustlers 4–H Club.


Clothing Construction, Fashion Revue and Style Revue

Clothing Construction – SGC: Kacey Pitts; IGC: Saydee Renn; IRC: Caroline Jagels; JGC: Kendall Crager; JRC: Aubree Murphy.

Recycle Construction – GC: Saydee Renn.

Fashion Revue, Boys Buymanship – IGC: Colter Powell; IRC: Tanner Shipman.

Fashion Revue, Girls Buymanship – SGC: Morgan Michael; SRC: Taylor Michael; IGC: Harper Davis; IRC: Bethany Herlocker; JGC: Emma Fox; JRC: Dakotah Burns.

Style Revue – SGC: Kacey Pitts; SRC: Miranda Hartman; IGC: Tara Forester; IRC: Sayde Renn; JGC: Kendall Crager; JRC: Aubree Murphy.


Dog Show

Showmanship – SGC: Natalee Brake; IGC: Alex Brake; JGC: Tyler Anderson.

Obedience – GC, Pre–Novice A: Kayle Hensley; RC, A: Alex Carson; GC, B: Johanna Walker; RC, B: Haley Phillips; GC, C: Tyler Anderson; GC, Novice: Alex Brake.

Agility – GC, Small Dog: Alex Brake; RC, Small Dog: Natalee Brake; GC, Large Dog: Haley Phillips.



GC: Weston Koenig; RC: Marlee Bradshaw.



Overall GC: Spencer Jagels; SGC: Aaron Setina; JGC: Caroline Jagels; JRC: Drew Kotzman.


Field Crops

Overall GC: Addison Brunk; Overall RC: Brody Wood.



Overall GC and Overall RC: Haley Phillips.




SGC: Caylee Egbert; IGC: Corey Humble; IRC: Tanner Shipman; JGC: Addison Brunk; JRC: Colter Powell; Best of Show, Intermediate: Jacksen Powell; Best of Show, Junior: Kaila Karhoff; Judge’s Choice, Senior: Seth Hoffman, Lily Beckman; Judge’s Choice, Intermediate: Jordyn Oplotnik, Gabe Saker, Cody Burns; Judge’s Choice, Junior: Caleb Humble, Marlee Bradshaw, Gavin Huber.



Overall GC: Owen Murphy; Overall RC: Drake Kotzman.



Overall GC: Cormick Logue; RC: Ainsley Viets.


Home Environment

GC: McKenna Renn; RC: Easton Renn.



Overall GC and RC: Haley Phillips.


Miscellaneous (Notebooks & Scrapbooks)

Overall GC: Kole Harris; Overall RC: Weston Koenig.



Color – Overall GC: Miranda Hartman; Overall RC: Avery Smith; SGC: Miranda Hartman; SRC: Mercedes Kirkpatrick; IGC: Ashlan Brooks; IRC: Emily Wachter; JGC: Avery Smith; JRC: Caleb Humble.

Black & White – GC: Harper Davis; RC: Avery Smith.



SGC: Alexa Fletcher; SRC: Kacey Pitts; IGC and IRC: Kylie Kalgren; JGC: Kendall Crager; JRC: Weston Koenig.



Overall GC: Andrew Phillips; Overall RC: Isaac Johnson.



JGC: Caleb Humble; JRC: Colter Powell.



GC: Abe Frederick; RC: Brenden Knisley.



SGC: Jacey Murphy; IGC: Garrett Humble; JGC: Mason Crozier; JRC: Gavin Huber.





Bucket Calf – Overall GC: Myleigh Franklin; Overall RC: Kord Kruczynski.

Feeder Calf – GC: Hanna Bailey.

Market Steer – GC: Kole Harris; RC: Bryce Simon.

Breeding Beef – GC: Adysin McCarley; RC: Tanner Shipman.

Rate of Gain – GC (Market Steer): Beau Harris; RC (Market Steer): Bryce Simon; GC (Bucket Calf): Myleigh Franklin; RC (Bucket Calf): Bethany Herlocker; GC (Feeder Calf): Hanna Bailey.

Fitting & Showing – SGC: Makenzee Franklin; SRC: Bailey Poland; IGC: Adysin McCarley; IRC: Hanna Bailey; JGC: Zeb Poland; JRC: Kole Harris.


Round Robin Showmanship Contest

GC: Lakin Cherry; RC: Makenzee Franklin.



Dairy Goats – GC: Brianna Herlocker; RC: Bethany Herlocker.

Dairy Goats, Showmanship – IGC: Bethany Herlocker; IRC: Brianna Herlocker; JGC: Chloe Pope.

Market Goats – GC: Trenton Smith; RC: Lakin Cherry.

Market Goats, Showmanship – SGC: Lakin Cherry; SRC: Aubrey Scott; IGC: Trenton Smith; IRC: Bryce Simon; JGC: Emma Fox; JRC: Bryce Reese.

Breeding Doe – GC: Trenton Smith; RC: Lakin Cherry.

Rate of Gain – GC: Bryce Reese; RC: Brayden Reese, Bryce Reese, Bethany Herlocker, Chase Murphy and Jon Beckman.



Stock Type Mare – GC: Piper Zimmerman; RC: Jack Clark.

Grade Type Mare – GC: Jordyn Oplotnik; RC: Cali Hensley.

Stock Gelding – GC: Makaylee Burns; RC: Tara Forester.

Non-Stock Gelding – GC: Micah Bean.

Grade Gelding – GC: Makaylee Burns; RC: Austin Smith.

Pony Gelding – GC: Jordyn Oplotnik; RC: Korbin Kalgren.

Trail – SGC: Miranda Hartman; SRC: Jack Clark; IGC: Piper Zimmerman; IRC: Jordyn Oplotnik.

Pony Trail – GC: Austin Smith; RC: Jordyn Oplotnik.

Pony Pleasure – GC: Austin Smith; RC: Jordyn Oplotnik.

Western Pleasure – SGC: Jack Clark; SRC: Madison Robison; IGC: Jill Clark; IRC: Piper Zimmerman; JC: Cali Hensley and Micah Bean.

Reigning – SGC: Jack Clark; SRC: Austin Smith; IGC: Piper Zimmerman.

Pleasure Pairs – GC: Piper Zimmerman and Cye Scott.

Showmanship – SGC: Austin Smith; SRC: Madison Robison; IGC: Piper Zimmerman; IRC: Cye Scott; JGC: Cali Hensley; JRC: Jackson Bean.

Horsemanship – SGC: Jack Clark; SRC: Miranda Hartman; IGC: Piper Zimmerman; IRC: Jordyn Oplotnik; JGC: Cali Hensley.

Working Ranch Horse – SGC: Jack Clark; SRC: Miranda Hartman; IGC: Jill Clark; IRC: Jackie White; JGC: Cali Hensley.



Showmanship – SGC: Kacey Pitts; IGC: Johanna Walker; IRC: Masen Powell; JGC: Colter Powell; JRC: Mason Crozier.

Standard Poultry – GC: Mason Crozier; RC: Drake Kotzman.

All Other Poultry – GC: Nic Bastion; RC: Alex Carson.

Meat Pen – GC: Johanna Walker.




Showmanship – SGC: Shelly Wells; IGC: Jacksen Powell; IRC: Masen Powell; JGC: Colter Powell; JRC: Brayden Reese.

Meat Pen – GC: Danny Mosier; RC: Fisher Mosier.

Overall Rabbit – GC: Masen Powell; RC: Tara Forester.



Market Lambs – GC and RC: Lakin Cherry.

Breeding Sheep – GC: Lakin Cherry; RC: Cali Hensley.

Showmanship – SGC: Lakin Cherry; SRC: David Reno; IGC: Bryce Simon; IRC: Riley Fox; JGC: Kole Harris; JRC: Cali Hensley.

Rate of Gain – GC: Micah Bean; RC: Weston Koenig.



Showmanship – SGC: Makenzee Franklin; SRC: Chandler Humble; IGC: Riley Fox; IRC: Joseph Franklin; JGC: Emma Fox; JRC: Bryce Reese.

Market Hog – OGC: Emma Fox; ORC: Breann Flaharty.

Rate of Gain – GC: Dane Augustin; RC: Tanner Shipman.

Breeding Gilt – GC: Emma Fox; RC: Joseph Franklin.